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News: Sumner Road Geotechnical Mitigation Night Works Starting


Sumner Road Geotechnical Mitigation Night Works Starting

Last updated
19 Apr 2018 6:45am

From the evening of Wednesday 7 March, the project team will need to begin removing rock from the Sumner Road site and transporting it through Lyttleton.

We will be working outside normal hours from 6pm every evening until 6am, so that the numerous truck movements do not delay work already underway on Sumner Road.

The rock was collected during the remediation phase of the project and stored in the Gollans Bay quarry so it could benefi t the community and future CCC initatives.

It is a win-win for the Council, as redirecting the rocks into other projects, such as the Coastal Pathway, brings signifi cant cost savings.

Six trucks will make a number of trips each evening, along the route marked for the next 14 weeks. The trucks won’t use engine braking and reversing alarms will be demobilised to further minimise disruption.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the team on 0508 MCD COMMS (0508 623 266).

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