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Road Work: Manchester Street - An Accessible City

Delays: Road Work

Manchester Street - An Accessible City


Last updated
16 Jul 2018 2:02pm

As part of the Accessible City project, Manchester St has now been restored to two-way traffic.

At this point in time, all remaining works are being carried out from the road shoulder allowing two-way traffic to use Manchester St. 

This section of Manchester Street is being turned into a widened, tree-lined boulevard adjacent to the East Frame residential development.

The existing street will be widened by 9 metres to provide a broad, shared pavement for pedestrians and cyclists, along with the trees and room for cars and buses.

The street will be prioritised for buses. Most of this section of Manchester Street will have a single, general-purpose traffic lane in each direction, with dedicated bus lanes provided both north and southbound from Hereford Street to Lichfield Street, and southbound from Armagh Street to Gloucester Street. There will also be a high-quality bus stop between Gloucester and Hereford Streets.

Trees, landscaping and rain gardens (gardens which capture and filter stormwater flow from the street) will be other features of the redesigned street.