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Road Work: Christchurch to Kumara - several sites on SH73

Caution: Road Work

Christchurch to Kumara - several sites on SH73

Last updated
19 Apr 2018 6:44am

What: Resealing the road, area wide treatments and some bridge work

Where: Several sites on SH73 (Christchurch to Kumara)

When: Now until April 2018

What we are doing

This work notice describes all the work we expect to take place on SH73 from Christchurch to Kumara until approximately April 2018. SouthernLink Canterbury are the contractors responsible for the work in Canterbury from Christchurch to Arthur’s Pass. Fulton Hogan are the contractors responsible for the work on the West Coast from Arthur’s Pass to Kumara. An explanation of the work and who best to contact is provided on the next page.


We will be resealing several sections of SH73 between Christchurch and Kumara (see map 1 over the page). We will do one site at a time and we will work during the day. Work will start in the week beginning Monday 22 Jan 2018.

Resealing involves putting down a layer of bitumen followed by chip and it is done to waterproof the road. Water is the main reason why roads fail and potholes form. An added benefit is that chip sealing improves surface grip. For more information about resealing work in Canterbury, contact Greg Thompson on 027 476 9010 . On the West Coast, contact Kodi Schroder on 027 568 2121.

Area Wide Treatments (see over the page)

We are planning to do an AWT on West Coast Road (SH73) close to Parapet Rock (2kms north of Cave Stream Scenic Reserve); however, there are some design complexities that we are working through and it may be deferred to next construction season (2018-19). Two AWT’s are planned on the West Coast side of SH73 between Otira and Jacksons.

An AWT involves removing the existing seal, laying metal, compacting the base layers, and putting some seal over the top to weatherproof the road. This work may also involve drainage work and shoulder widening. Given that there is more involved, it takes longer than a reseal. For more information about AWT work in Canterbury contact Kevin Curtis on 027 6100 418. On the West Coast, contact Kodi Schroder on 027 568 2121.

Bridge repair work

Isaacs Construction will be doing some repair work on three bridges on SH73 this construction season (see map 2). Expect to hear more about this work in the coming weeks.

Traffic impacts

For the reseal sites and the AWT’s, traffic will be controlled by stop/go operators and the speed limit will be reduced to 30km/h while the work is taking place. Please expect delays and factor that into your journey time. Once the work is complete we will keep speed restrictions in place for about two days. Then we will sweep the road to get rid of excess chip and lift the speed restrictions.

Traffic control for the bridge work will be communicated before the work starts. 

General Information

  • Safety is our number one priority. Safety is your responsibility too. Please drive to the posted speed limit. Speed restrictions are important for a number of reasons. They help keep our road crews safe, prevent windscreen breakage from loose chips, and reduce the chances of drivers losing control on an unfinished or damaged road surface. They also help to ‘settle in’ the road surface, as travelling too fast can damage new seal, resulting in additional delays if repairs have to be carried out.
  • Chip may continue to come loose for about a month after the work. Expect to see loose chip around.
  • The work may be delayed due to weather and/or other unforeseen factors. 

For more information about work in Canterbury you can email On the West Coast you can email Kodi Schroder on

Thank you for your patience while we work in your area.