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Road Closure: Major Weekend Road Works in the Central City From mid Feb to early April.

Road Closed: Road Closure

Major Weekend Road Works in the Central City From mid Feb to early April.

Last updated
23 Feb 2018 11:28am
Major road works.

Montreal, Durham & St Asaph St’s will be closed for weekend road work during February, March and early April.

The closures will be in place from 8 pm Friday and the road will reopen by 6 am on the following Monday morning. 

The following weekends' closures are confirmed. The work may continue into early April if there are delays due to bad weather. 

Weekend of February 23 to 26 - Montreal St,between St Asaph St & Tuam St, will be closed. There will be no access to Montreal St north from Moorhouse Ave. 

Weekend of March 2 to 5 - Durham St, between Lichfield & Tuam St, will be closed. Tuam St is one lane. 

Weekend of March 9 - 12 - St Asaph St, between Antigua St & Hagley Ave, is closed. Antigua St is one lane.  

Weekend of March 16-19 - Durham St, between Tuam St & St Asaph St, is closed. Tuam St will be one lane. 

Weekend of March 23-26 - St Asaph St, between Montreal St & Antigua St, is closed. Antigua St is one lane.

It is possible that severe delays will be experienced on certain routes into and across the CBD. Make sure you plan your journey. 

Please consider the following:

  1. If your destination is not the CBD, use the Four Avenues to get across the City to avoid unnecessary delays.  
  2. Cycle or walk if you can.
  3. The buses will be running as usual but expect some delays. For details on current routes and timetables go here

The map below shows the areas where the road closures will be over the work period. Click here  for a larger version of the map.  


What are you doing?

We’re completely digging out the existing intersections and building new structural asphalt sub-layers in preparation for the final surface layer (to be laid at a later date). Each intersection will be done in two halves over two weekends.

Why are you doing all of the work now?

We want to get as much of the work done as possible while the weather is fine and dry. Good weather is needed to build high-quality road surfaces that last. 

Why are you working all weekend, including at night?

We’re trying to get as much work done as possible before the cold winter weather sets in. By working intensively, night and day and all weekend we reduce the impact of our work on local businesses and the travelling public. This way we impact fewer people.

There aren’t any people on site, why do you still have the road closed?

Some types of road layers need ‘curing time’. This means we have to wait a few hours before we can start work on the next layer. But don’t worry, we’ll be back again in a few hours to continue the job.

Why have you left the road unfinished? It’s all bumpy.

To create a smooth final road surface we need long stretches of road to work on. This minimises the number of joins (and bumps) created by our machinery. We’ll come back to do the final seal and road markings in April or May, probably at night.


The CBD will be open for business and the best routes to take will be the following. 

  • From the south (west or east) - Madras St 
  • From the north (west or east) - Use Barbadoes St and then onto Kilmore St. 

For further information on the project and the work involved, go here

The 2018 Electric Avenue Festival is this coming weekend Saturday, 24 February. 

There will be no parking available in North Hagley Park. And there will be a limited amount of free street parking available on side streets.

A number of car parking buildings are available nearby for use.

A drop off point will be located on Park Tce, between Chester St & Peterborough St. 

Mobility parking will be available at the Botanic Garden carpark from 3:30 pm on Saturday, 24 February.

The best way to get to the venue will be as follows: 

  • From the south (west or east) - Madras St
  • From the north (west or east) - Use Barbadoes & then onto Kilmore St

We also recommend car pooling or using public transport to get to the venue. 

Use the map below for the road closure on that weekend & to find the best route to these events.

For further details go here, for the Electric Avenue webpage. 

For a larger version of the map click on the image below.