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News: Hospital Corner and surrounding areas

Otakaro Projects: News

Hospital Corner and surrounding areas

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7 Jun 2018 4:49pm


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There is a lot of work happening in the central city, especially around the hospital

Our crews are working hard to get as much work done as possible before winter starts in earnest. 

We know it's not easy, navigating road cones or being delayed by detours. We're doing our best to finish as much of our work as fast as possible.

Thank you for your ongoing, amazing patience. We appreciate your support.


Te Papa Otakaro / Avon River Precinct

Oxford Terrace between Durham Street and Oi Manawa Canterbury Earthquake National Memorial: Complete except for minor works. Grouting completed, planting will start in May.

Oxford Terrace between Oi Manawa Canterbury Earthquake National Memorial and Montreal Street: Trenching is underway to install electrical cables for new street light poles.

Oxford Terrace between Montreal and Antigua: NOW CLOSED TO THROUGH TRAFFIC. The south side of Oxford Terrace between Montreal and the Pegasus Arms is complete except for minor works. Planting will start in May.  

Stormwater drainage works and underground service relocations continue between the Pegasus Arms and Antigua Street.


St Asaph Street

Kerb and channel (gutter) works continue on the southern side of St Asaph Street. When complete, the new kerb "buildouts" will be constructed on either side of the Stewart Street intersection. One side will be built at a time.  

Orion will remove the overhead electrical wires in early May.

In mid-May, the entrance to Stewart Street will close while the new raised crossing is built.


Tuam Street

Durham to Montreal: The southern footpath and final surface sealing of the carriageway is complete. The northern footpath and cycleway finishing is underway. The cycleway will be paved this week.

Montreal to Antigua: Light pole installations (except two next to the new Health Research Education Facility (HREF) building) and removal of overhead wires are complete. Northern kerb construction is underway.


Antigua Street

St Asaph to Tuam: Drainage works are finishing on the western side. A large electrical cable was installed on the western side of the street last Friday night. The containers outside the Porsche building will be removed soon and works will shift to the east side of the street.

Tuam to Oxford Terrace: Open to construction traffic only. Works continue on the eastern two-way cycle lane and the footpath. These will be finished before work starts on the "Oxford Gap" (Oxford Terrace between Tuam and Antigua Streets).  


Oxford Gap

Planning is underway. Works are expected to start in early May.  


Montreal Street

Please note: the Oxford Terrace pedestrian crossing is closed. Pedestrians are being detoured to Tuam Street.

The final road surface has been laid at the Montreal/Tuam Street intersection.

Stormwater drainage and kerb and channel (gutter) works continue on both sides of the bridge. 


Durham Street / Cambridge Terrace (and surrounds)

Armagh Street east of Durham: Kerb and channel and drainage works continue on the north side of the street. All work finishing early May.

Hereford Street: Footpath repair work and traffic signal installations continue at the intersection of Cambridge Terrace. All work finishing early May.

Cashel Street: Final asphalting underway in front of the Bridge of Remembrance and on the south-west corner.

Lichfield to Tuam: The left-hand turning lane from Durham into Tuam is complete. Final sealing of the eastern footpath will be complete in early May.

The new northbound lane (between Tuam and Lichfield) will open when traffic signal work is complete at the Tuam Street intersection. 

Check out this animation to see how it'll work: 


General Info

Please be patient with us.

There's more to roadworks than meets the eye. If you don't see us working, it's for a reason. Sometimes we need to wait for an official to check our work. Sometimes we need to wait for the surface to be ready for the next stage. Sometimes things go wrong, so work stops while we figure out how to fix the problem. Another reason for delays is that not all tasks can be done by the same work crews, and work needs to happen in a certain order - so work may stop while we wait for another crew to arrive to complete their piece of work.

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If you have any questions about our works, please phone Peter on 027 2040 424 or email