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Heavy vehicles

All overweight* vehicles traversing Christchurch City Council roads must have Christchurch City Council permit approval.

*A vehicle is overweight as per VDM 2002 and/or if it exceeds the weight restriction posted on some roads.

Please complete the Application Form (external link) and send to (Allow 5 working days for processing)

More information

Overweight Routes Christchurch City CBD Map (external link)

Overweight and overdimension permit types (external link)

Overweight Permit (external link)

Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Dimensions and Mass (external link)

Overweight and overdimension vehicles (external link)

Check on the map here in the area for any current weight restrictions by clicking on the pins in the area.


Dave Armstrong or James Ting
Christchurch City Council
Phone 03 941 8999