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What is Travel Choice? [PDF, 100 KB] [PDF, 100 KB]

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Have you considered trying different options to travel to and from work? There are a variety of possible modes available for commuting and for journeys throughout your day.

Travel Choice supports active and alternative modes of transport, such as walking, cycling, public transport and car pooling initiatives for the journey to and from work, and travel during the working day.

Getting to work in Christchurch


  • Helping to address traffic congestion and parking demand issues
  • Cost savings on fuel and car parking
  • Promoting healthier body and mind

Christchurch City Council is currently working with businesses in congested areas and in particular, those who are returning to the city during the rebuild.

Please contact your professional Community Travel Advisor by emailing for more information, advice and guidance around Travel Choice options.

Suggested initiatives - Good for your business

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