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Pedestrian facilities are designed to assist walkers to cross the road safely. At a signalised pedestrian crossing, what do the signals mean?

Crossing signals

SmartPad Crossings

Some pedestrian crossings are installed with a SmartPad.

Smartpad crossing

Here, you need to stand on the SmartPad as well as press the call button to obtain signal functionality.

Smartpad crossing

When the red pedestrian signal appears, remain standing on the SmartPad until the signal changes to green and you have checked that it is safe to cross the road.

Smartpad crossing

Note: If you step off the SmartPad before the signal changes, your call will be cancelled.

Find out about different types of pedestrian crossings and how to use them (external link)

Pedestrian campaign

The aim of the Christchurch City Council’s "Safe to cross? Check again." campaign is to encourage all pedestrians to check more than once that the way is clear before crossing roads, and to be prepared to wait until it is safe to cross.

All too often as pedestrians we take risks when we cross the road. We step off the curb more focused on our text messaging than on the on-coming traffic. The pedestrian signal is red but we cross anyway. We figure that if we run we can get across the road before that approaching car gets to where we are. Most of the time we do get to the other side safely but what if that car is travelling faster than we think, or we don’t see the next car coming. The risks we take aren’t worth it. So let’s keep ourselves safe, let’s check before crossing and then, always, check again.

To hear the current Pedestrian Safety Campaign radio advertisement, click on the media link below.