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Transport Futures

The Transport Futures section of the Ministry of Transport website gives the reader as exciting insight to what the transport space may look like in 2045. The stories, videos and slideshows give a snapshot of how the advances in technology may improve how we move in the future. This looks at self-driving vehicles, improvements in safety and a more optimised transport network that uses intelligent data systems that will help us get from A to B quicker and more efficiently than ever before. link)

Ministry of Transport website

The Ministry of Transport's website is a fantastic hub of information. This includes information on road tolls, licensing, research and consultations. It also includes a section on research and statistics as well as a "Transport Futures" section which gives the reader an insight to the exciting possibilities of what the transport space will look like 30 years from now. link)

NZTA research Newsletter

NZ Transport Agency Research is a quarterly publication profiling the findings of recently completed research, funded through the Transport Agency research programme. link)

NZTA research reports page

Through its Research Programme, the NZ Transport Agency invests in innovative and relevant research which plays a critical role in contributing to the government's goals for transport.

The results of Transport Agency research must be readily applicable to interventions that can be cost effectively applied in New Zealand in the short-to-medium term for longer term impacts link)