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Driver behaviour contributes to traffic congestion, so by following simple rules such as staying alert or pulling up to the white line, you can help relieve congestion for yourself and other drivers.

These top tips to drive your way out of congestion are in a series of eight short animated videos that illustrate how really simple changes in driver behaviour can help us all get a move on. The series is called 'We're All Going Somewhere'.

#1 Pull up to the white line

Did you know that stopping short of the white line leads to queues of traffic forming at traffic light intersections? That’s because the sensors that signal the lights to change are buried in the road in front of the white line, so if you stop short you and every driver behind you will be stationary for a long time, as is explained in this ‘Pull up to the white line’ video.

#2 Who Has Priority

Did you know that stopping to let cars join the flow from side streets makes congestion worse at certain times? Fortunately there’s a simple rule so drivers know when to stop and when they need to keep moving, and it’s in this ‘Who has priority’ video.

#3 Stay in your lane

Did you know that cars changing lanes while turning at multi-lane intersections is a major cause of delays and accidents? It may seem unlikely that simply staying within your lane can actually reduce congestion, but that’s the message of this ‘Stay in your lane’ video.

#4 Close the Gap

Did you know that leaving large gaps between cars travelling through intersections changes the lights from green to red? The sensors in the road can only measure when a car runs over them, not how long the queue is, so close the gap to keep moving is the tip in this ‘Close the Gap’ video.

#5 Lane Weaving

Did you know when cars weave back and forth between lanes of traffic it creates congestion behind them? That’s because cars in both lanes are forced to suddenly brake as the weaving car forces its way into the flow, which is explained in this ‘Lane Weaving’ video.

#6 Staying Focused

Did you know that even a moments day-dreaming at traffic lights leads to congestion on side streets? When the lights favour the main road, drivers on side streets have to stay alert to keep the traffic moving, which is the advice in this ‘Staying Focused’ video.

#7 Changing Lanes

Did you know when cars change lane without indicating it causes congestion and driver frustration at peak times? Being a courteous driver can actually help everyone get where they want to go, which is the message in this ‘Changing Lanes’ video.

#8 Go with the flow

Did you know that it’s impossible to speed along the one-way system, yet drivers still do it? That’s because the traffic lights are phased to the speed limit so speeding up just leads to sudden braking and congestion, as is illustrated in this ‘Go with the flow’ video.

Bonus video #1 Road repairs

Did you know road repairs are often more than just about fixing the road surface? It can also include repairs to waste water, storm water, drinking water, power and telecommunication services too. Road repairs can be complicated so time is taken to ensure they last. This 'Road repairs' video explains the process.