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News: Hospital Corner Roadworks

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Hospital Corner Roadworks

Last updated
3 Aug 2018 5:47pm


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Here's our latest update about roadworks around the hospital area.

We're nearly there! Most of our works come to an end in August, with the exception of Oxford Terrace next to the hospital and the City Promenade. Thank you for your patience.


Swings and roundabouts: The road next to the new roundabout at Antigua Street and Oxford Terrace will be sealed soon. We'll then shift the temporary cyclist and pedestrian path onto the road surface so paving can take place.

The section of Oxford Terrace next to the hospital is closed until the end of the year. Pedestrians and cyclists are detoured through a temporary fenced walkway to Antigua Street.

Stormwater drainage work is nearly complete, and rain gardens are being built. Rain gardens help to reduce and treat stormwater runoff from paths and roads. Their special soils and plants filter contaminants from stormwater, helping to improve the quality of waterways. 

If you'd like to learn more, watch our short video.


The new City Promenade is fast taking shape. This new city waterfront runs for 2.8 kilometres along the river, from the Margaret Mahy Family Playground, along Oxford Terrace, all the way to the hospital.

WATCH: To help you get an idea of what the final product will be like, here's a short (1:45) flyover video of the Promenade

The Promenade is for people. The 10km speed limit will make the area quieter and safer to walk and cycle from one end to the other. It's designed for pedestrians, cyclists, the tram and for goods and service vehicles accessing businesses.


On the level: "Trimming" and "boxing" (leveling and preparing to pour concrete) along Oxford Terrace next to Oi Manawa/Canterbury Earthquake National Memorial. 

Early risers may have spotted the steady stream of concrete trucks entering and exiting our site via Montreal Street last Friday - concreting is underway. The section at the Oxford Terrace/Montreal Street intersection starts on Monday 6 August. When complete, paving will start.

The footpath on the eastern side of Montreal Street will close to allow this work to take place. 

The western footpath on Montreal Street is now open, making it easier to get to and from Metromart, Robinson's Pharmacy, Black and White and the Pegasus Arms.

Work on the riverside path (next to Regatta on Avon) continues. A detour is in place via Oxford Terrace.


Ready to go: The concrete pour on Oxford Terrace between Antigua Street and the Pegasus Arms is scheduled for August 3, weather dependent.

Paving works are almost complete between Montreal Street and the Pegasus Arms. We are finishing off a stormwater channel, have some stormwater drainage work and one of the 13 Ngā Whāriki Manaaki, or paved woven mats of welcome, to complete near the intersection.

If you'd like to learn more about Ngā Whāriki Manaaki, read or watch a video

Concrete will be poured this week (weather dependent) in the section between the Pegasus Arms and Antigua Street. This will be followed by paving, grouting and topsoiling and planting of the gardens.


Out in the open: The St Asaph / Stewart Street intersection is now open.

North: We've stripped the footpath on the north side and are preparing it for sealing.

South: The shared cycle and pedestrian path are finished.

As we see more shared spaces vitalising the central city, it’s important to be alert and considerate of others using the space. If you’re on a bike, think of how your speed and how the room you allow others feels when you pass them. If you’re on foot, check before stepping out.


Give a wide berth: This section of footpath will be a shared cycle and pedestrian path when works are complete.  

North: The remaining section of unsealed footpath will be finished by mid-August. Gardens will be planted soon.

South: The remaining section of footpath will be finished in September when Archibald's new Porsche building is complete. 

Road surface: Final road surfacing will take place at night in spring when temperatures are higher. We need warm, dry weather to build high-quality road surfaces that will last. 


Life on the edge: The footpath and kerb are finished on the western side of Antigua Street.

St Asaph to Tuam: We'll start preparing the eastern footpath for sealing soon, with the exception of the section next to Archibald's new Porsche building. 

Tuam to Oxford Terrace:  We're preparing the western footpath for sealing.


Please note: all timeframes are subject to weather and favourable on-site conditions.

If you have any questions about our works, please contact either:

Peter on 027 2040 424 or email or

Haidee on 027 567 2012 or email