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Roadworks: Christchurch Northern Corridor Project


Christchurch Northern Corridor Project

30 Aug 2018 2:08pm
Thu 30th Aug 2018 14:08 pm
Last updated
11 Dec 2018 10:44am

What's happening?

The Christchurch Northern Corridor (CNC) affects an area that extends from the Waimakariri River Bridge on the Northern Motorway to Cranford St and affects an area as far as Main North Rd in the west and Marshland Rd in the east.

The project involves putting three lanes on the Waimakariri River Bridge, constructing and extending the four lanes of the Northern Motorway to Cranford St, upgrading Cranford St and putting four lanes on part of QEII Dr. This project is being managed by the CNC Alliance, a collaboration of the NZ Transport Agency and Christchurch City Council.

This project, along with other scheduled works in the area, which include the Highfield subdivision development, Transport Agency safety improvements, KiwiRail maintenance and other city council improvements will cause a number of changes to roads in the area over the next two years (until 2020).

The below information is aimed at keeping the public aware of the latest transport impacts in the area to help them plan their travel.

To view the Transport Agency's project page and access detailed project information go to their website.

To view, all the roadworks check out the Christchurch Roadworks Map.

Current impacts in the area

  1. Work to put 3 lanes on the Wamakariri Bridge is currently underway. This work will ramp up over the rest of the year and is expected to be completed in 16 months.  Please go to the Christchurch Northern Corridor project page for additional information on the current work being done. 
  2. Prestons Rd has been reduced to one lane under temporary traffic signals between Hawkins Rd to Grimseys Rd. Motorists are advised to use QEII Dr (SH 74) as an alternate route. 
  3. Radcliffe Rd currently has a 50kmh temporary speed restriction in place.
  4. QEII Dr no right turns into Grimseys Rd & no access to QEII Dr from Grimseys Rd. Also, expect increased congestion due to other restrictions in the area.  For details go visit the relevant page on the NZTA website here.  
  5. QEII Dr, from Sunday, 18th of November for a week, has nightworks at the intersection with Main North Rd. The eastbound merge lane on QEII Dr will be closed during this work. 
  6. Rain has delayed moving traffic over to the new section of temporary road next to the existing QEII Drive. We will make this change as soon as the new chip seal has had time to fully dry out. When the temporary road is open the speed limit will be 50km/h for the first week due to loose gravel. Following this, the speed limit will be 60km/h until construction is finished.
  7. Cranford St at Innes Rd intersection has lane restrictions. Expect increased congestion during peak times. Cranford St, at the intersection with Innes Rd, will have lanes drops in place to allow for sewerage works starting Sunday, 16 September. For further information, please go to the Christchurch Northern Corridor project page.
  8. Belfast Rd is one-way westbound from Blakes Rd to Marshland Rd.

Impact changes coming up


  • As part of the Christchurch Northern Corridor (CNC) project, QEII Drive will be four-laned
    between Main North Road and Innes Road. The two new lanes will be completed just before
    Christmas. In the New Year the upgrade of the two existing lanes will begin and traffic,
    between the QEII Drive bridge (east of Grimseys Road) and Hills Road, will be moved over onto the new lanes.
    The traffic swap-over is scheduled to happen on Tuesday evening, 8 January 2019.

  • The Philpotts Road intersection with QEII Drive will need to be closed for around four weeks from Tuesday evening 8 January till 1 February 2019. This is to allow for the construction of temporary roads at Winters Road and  Philpotts Road to connect to the new traffic lanes on QEII Drive. After the temporary access road from Philpotts Road to QEII Drive is in place, you can only access QEII Drive with a left out of Philpotts Road. 

  • There will be no access into Philpotts Road from the new lanes on QEII Drive during the construction of the upgrade. There will no longer be a right turn out of Philpotts Road onto QEII Drive. The final lay out for this
    intersection in 2020 is left in and out only. There will be a 60km/h speed limit in place on QEII Drive between Innes Road and Main North Road during the construction. Detour. When the Philpotts Road intersection is closed, you
    can either use Innes Road or Main North Road as a diversion to get to QEII Drive.

  • The Christchurch Northern Corridor (CNC) Alliance is starting to build the new road that will connect the new CNC motorway with SH1. One traffic lane on SH1 (southbound) between Empire Road and Chaneys overbridge needs to be closed for us to do this work. The Tram Road on-ramp will also need to close during morning peak hours only. From Thursday 3 January 2019 one of the two southbound lanes will be closed till 13 January. From 13 to 20 January we will shift the traffic lanes; this will narrow the lanes and you will have to reduce speed, so this could still delay your journey. The Tram Road on-ramp closure will be in place from Monday 7 January to 13 January, during morning peak hours only. Please use the Old Waimakariri River Bridge/Main North Road or use the Ohoka Road on-ramp.