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News: Oxford Tce closed between Riccarton Avenue and Antigua St - Cycle and Pedestrian detours


Oxford Tce closed between Riccarton Avenue and Antigua St - Cycle and Pedestrian detours

Last updated
11 Sep 2018 11:27am

Work to transform the short section of Oxford Terrace between Riccarton Avenue and Antigua Street has started. This work closes the section to cycle and pedestrian traffic until the end of the year.

A detour route for people cycling is available along Antigua Street and a new two-way cycleway on St Asaph Street.  Cycle lanes along Antigua Street will not be separated from road traffic so be sure to make extra checks, be aware of vehicle blind zones and also be considerate of people walking in the area.  Check out this neat video of the detour route:

For people on foot, look for signs and check your surroundings before stepping out.

New two-way cycleway and pedestrian/cycle diagonal crossing opening late August

Check out the brand new section of two-way cycleway on St Asaph Street, between Antigua Street and Hagley Avenue, scheduled for completion by late August but already open for use.

A new diagonal crossing will also be installed at Antigua/St Asaph Street.  This will enable people on foot and on bikes to cross the intersection simultaneously, including diagonally.  It will be one of the first types of crossing of this kind in NZ. 

Until this exciting new crossing is up and running, you will need to follow the existing traffic signals at the Antigua/St Asaph Street intersection.

As we see more shared spaces vitalising the central city, it’s important to be alert and considerate of others using the space.  If you’re on a bike, think of how your speed and the room you allow others feels when you pass them.  If you’re on foot, check before stepping out.
















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