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News: Christchurch Northern Corridor - Radcliffe Rd


Christchurch Northern Corridor - Radcliffe Rd

19 Nov 2018 7:00am
Mon 19th Nov 2018 07:00 am
Last updated
15 Nov 2018 3:14pm
Extra Piles to Install

During the build of the new Christchurch Northern Corridor we need to strengthen the ground to support the many structures on the motorway. One of the ways to do this, is to install piles.

The piles in the Radcliffe Road area will support the bridge embankments. The bridge will take the local Radcliffe Road over the new motorway.

Earlier this year we have already installed piles here, however due to the extremely soft ground conditions in this area we need to install more piles. This piling work will start Monday 19 November and will take around three weeks to complete.

Our standard work hours are Monday to Saturday between the hours of 7 am and 7 pm. It is unlikely the crew will be piling on Saturdays.

Although the crew is on site from 7 am, the piling will start around 7.30 am on working days.

Construction Impact

There will be a large crane vibrating and hammering the steel piles up to 18 meters into the ground. We need to install a further 80 piles.

Nearby residents may experience noise and vibrations during the installation of the piles.