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Event: Bread & Circus 2019 Christchurch Buskers Festival

Various sites in the CBD.: Event

Bread & Circus 2019 Christchurch Buskers Festival

9 Jan 2019 11:01am
Wed 9th Jan 2019 11:01 am
Last updated
16 Jan 2019 11:18am

The 2019 Christchurch Buskers Festival 'Bread & Circus' is starting from today, Thursday, 10 January. 

So be sure to plan how you intend to get into the City as the new Festival format is going to be popular.  

Remember to use the one-way system for the quickest way to travel through and out of the City Centre. 

There are plenty of parking options available in the Central City but some locations are likely to fill up quickly, For example, Worcester St & Gloucester St car parks.

Use the Christchurch City Council's car parking tool to find out where to park and, in the case of City Council run parking buildings, how many parks are available.

If you are near a convenient bus route, then you might like to avoid the issue of parking altogether and head in on the bus. 

It's summer and now that the weather is looking better cycle into an event, or take a handy scooter. 

There are likely to be more pedestrians around the City Centre. So take extra care when driving around and be mindful of people crossing the road. 

There are roadworks in the Central City which may affect the route that you take to or from a Buskers Festival event. 

The roadworks map will allow you to work out the best route that works for you. 

Use this link to go to the Festivals web page for further venue & booking information. 

For a complete list of Busker Festival venues see below.