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Road Work: Sumner Village Marriner Street & Wakefield Avenue

Lane Drops & Road Closures: Road Work

Sumner Village Marriner Street & Wakefield Avenue

Last updated
14 Mar 2019 9:30am
Major road and infrastructure upgrade of Sumner Village.

A major upgrade of the Sumner Village area involving Marriner Street and Wakefield Avenue and some the surrounding streets, including the entrance to the Esplanade, will be taking place from Monday the 18th of March. 

The project will consist of the following work.  

  • Replacing sections of wastewater, stormwater and water pipes.
  • Building new kerbs, footpaths and road surfaces.
  • Landscaping, paving and installing new street furniture.

Estimated timeframes for traffic impacts associated with the project are as follows: 

Click on the links to show a traffic impact map associated with each part of the project. 
*All timeframes are subject to change.

Please take extra care driving through the work site. Slow down and follow all signage and instructions from site staff.

Bus stops along Wakefield Street and Marriner Street will be affected at times during this work. Signage will be put in place to direct you to the nearest bus stop.  

A site office will be set up at 21C Marriner Street, next to Joe's Garage. It will be open for public drop-ins on Thursday afternoons. 

The Sumner Road/Evans Pass route will be reopened to vehicles on the 29th of March. 

This will mean that oversize heavy vehicles will again be using Marriner Street and Wakefield Avenue as their main route into Christchurch. At points during this project, these heavy vehicles will need to be diverted down Nayland Street and back onto Marriner Street. 

This diversion will be advertised in advance.

This work is expected to take approximately six months (middle of March to September).