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News: Christchurch Northern Corridor - Project Update: 8 November 2019


Christchurch Northern Corridor - Project Update: 8 November 2019

8 Nov 2019 3:15pm
Fri 8th Nov 2019 03:15 pm
Last updated
11 Nov 2019 10:56am

Chaneys on-ramp to re-open and Main North Road back to two-way traffic

The Chaneys on-ramp will now re-open on Monday 25 November and the left-hand turn from Marshland Road will also re-open at this time. My apologies that this date has changed again, this is due to the Foam Bitumen Stabilisation Machine breaking down again. We now have a second machine from the North Island and the final bit of road in this area can be sealed.

On the brighter side, the Stop/Go signals on Main North Road near Chaneys On-ramp have been remove, ahead of schedule.

The Chaneys on-ramp will close permanently when the CNC project opens in mid-2020.

Chaneys on ramp 1 November 2019 Update

Cranford Street sealing work update

The Cranford Street repairs and asphalt surface work was able to begin on Tuesday this week and we have milled the surface on the west (St Albans) side of the road. As feared the condition of the road under the old asphalt is poor. We need to discuss with the Council how they would like us to proceed to ensure the new asphalt layer will be strong enough to last. Ground testing is underway and agreeing the best option will take a few extra days.

Cranford St roundabout v2

Hills Road updated

To complete the two lanes and the roundabout upgrade on QEII Drive east we had to close access to and from Hills Road. Technical problems with the foam bitumen machinery have caused the chip sealing work to be rescheduled. This has delayed the re-opening of Hills Road as well. 

Hills Road will be open by 25 November.

Innes Rd roundabout 25 October 2019 update


SH1 and Waimakariri Bridge update

Fantastic weather last weekend saw more people than expected head north to enjoy the day.  Unfortunately, this led to longer than expected delays. We are sorry if you were delayed by our work over the weekend.

Apart from the delays, the work last weekend went well, most people drove safely and were patient and respectful driving passed the worksite, we successfully poured the final section of concrete for the new Waimakariri bridge decks and the fantastic weather meant we could open the southbound bridge early on Sunday afternoon. On SH1 we were able to seal almost all of the new lane that will connect SH1 to the new CNC motorway.

CNC SH1 and Waimakaririr Bridge Update 8 November 2019


 What you need to know

  • Our regular working hours are Monday to Saturday between 7 am and 7 pm.
  • There will be noise and vibrations associated with the work. We will do what we can to lessen this.
  • Keep yourself, your children and pets at a safe distance from the work site. Please stay behind the construction fences at all times.
  • All work sites are subject to weather and other unforeseen conditions.

“Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.” - Winston Churchill.