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News: New Speed Limits for Marshland, Spencerville and Kainga area


New Speed Limits for Marshland, Spencerville and Kainga area

20 Nov 2019 9:44am
Wed 20th Nov 2019 09:44 am
Last updated
20 Nov 2019 9:44am

Speed limit changes approved by the Council at its 12 September 2019 meeting are being implemented over the next few weeks, starting in the Marshland, Spencerville and Kainga area. 

Over the following weeks' work will start to update the new signs in the Hornby, Halswell area, then the Inner Harbour, Gebbies Pass area.

Most of the roads involved will change to a 60 km/h speed limit. The existing 70 km/h speed limit on Marshland Road between Prestons Road and the railway crossing is being retained at this stage.

The Council’s register of speed limits and online speed limit map will be updated once the changes are complete. More information on the approved speed limit changes can be found in the Council meeting minutes. Further information on safe speeds is also available on the Council’s website.

Please be aware of your surrounds and check for any changes to speed limits. 

Marshland, Spencerville and Kainga Area

MArshland Spencerville and Kainga Area Speed Management Plan Approved Speed Limit Changes