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Roadworks: SH 1 Waimakariri Bridge lanes resurfacing - Expect Delays


SH 1 Waimakariri Bridge lanes resurfacing - Expect Delays

SH 1 Waimakariri Bridge

29 Aug 2020 5:00pm
Sat 29th Aug 2020 05:00 pm
Last updated
3 Sep 2020 12:18pm
The final resurfacing work on the Waimakariri Bridge is set to start on Saturday, 29th of August. Over the next 8 weeks both the north and southbound sides of the bridge will be resurfaced.

Detour map for Tram Road.  

The Christchurch Northern Corridor (CNC)
Alliance team will be resurfacing the existing south
and northbound lanes on the Waimakariri Bridge.
Traffic on the bridge will move over to the newly
asphalted middle lanes while we do this work.
Resurfacing work will start on the existing southbound lanes, with the northbound lanes to follow. It will take around four weeks to complete each side of the bridge.

Traffic Impact
Work starts on Saturday, late afternoon, 29 August,
southbound traffic will be reduced to one lane just
before and over the Waimakariri Bridge. This is so we
can move the barriers. On Sunday 30 August southbound traffic will temporarily move over to the two new middle lanes on the bridge. During the work traffic will stay on the new bridge deck lanes till the existing southbound lanes on the bridge are resurfaced. Work starts with the removal of all the old asphalt, inspecting the road and preparing it for new asphalt. We will also inspect and adjust the bridge expansion joints and make small repairs where needed, before we apply the new asphalt layer. In late September we will resurface the northbound lanes, northbound traffic will then move onto the
middle bridge lanes during the work.




Expect Significant Delays
Between 5.30am and 9.30am on working days
, the 
Tram Road on-ramp will be closed, this is to help
manage the traffic flows on SH 1. City-bound traffic will
be diverted onto the Main North Road Bridge, see the map.

With traffic moving over to the middle of the bridge
and merging back, movements will be slow. Especially
during morning peak, southbound traffic should expect
significant delays. If possible, travel outside peak hours.
There will be a temporary 60 km/h speed limit in place.

Caution Wide Loads
Please note that while traffic is on the middle bridge lanes, the inner bridge lanes don’t allow for over-dimension vehicles and loads.

What’s next?
From early September through to early October, we will be installing large gantries over SH 1. These are for the large overhead electronic message signs and other signage for the Northern Motorway. This will involve lane and full road closures at night. For full details of the work schedule, use this link


Why is it taking so long?

Within the four weeks of working on the southbound bridge lanes we will need to do quite a lot of work to first inspect the bridge decks, to repair and strengthen several bridge joints and structural work to the abutment before we can apply a good new surface.

Why are you closing the Tram Road on-ramp?

With traffic merging onto the new middle bridge lanes traffic movements will be slower, especially during the already busy morning peak traffic into town. Adding extra merging traffic at Tram Road, just before the Waimakariri River Bridge, will add significantly to the congestion on SH 1. Therefore, we are closing the on-ramp and are moving all the traffic on Tram Road, heading southbound, to a diversion route using Main North Road Bridge. This is only during morning peak hours, between 5.30 am and 9.30 am.

What happens if there is an accident on the bridges?

We have active traffic management in place on SH1 and Tram Road during the morning peak, we have the ability to remove the Tram Road on-ramp closure if needed and our traffic management can assist the emergency services immediately. We ask everyone to slow down and drive to the conditions.

Why is the congestion even worse than normal?

With traffic moving over to the middle of the bridge and merging back, movements will be much slower than usual. Tram Road users are also experiencing delays at the Tram Road and Main North Road intersection as we will be using Stop/Go controls. Prior warning on the new road lay out and traffic impact (on-ramp closure and diversions) was well advertised and provided in a timely manner to the users and the general public. We have asked to plan your journey and have advised people to travel outside peak hours in September if they are able to do so or leave earlier than they normally would.

Why can't you do this work at night and/or just shift the traffic on the existing bridge lanes?

Due to the nature of the work and the amount of work we have to do on the existing bridge lanes we really need all traffic of these bridge lanes. Only working at night will be very costly and timely. Closing the lanes and shifting the traffic onto the new lanes in the middle provides the best and safest option to mitigate work programme delays and impact on users.

For further information on this project please use this link