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Road Work: Resurfacing Works

Expect Delays: Road Work

Resurfacing Works

Last updated
6 Dec 2019 6:11pm

There are currently multiple roadworks sites in place around the South Island. Motorists should allow extra time and to drive safely and patiently.

With the arrival of summer, our crews around the country are working hard to complete the summer road work schedule while the weather is fine. 

This time of year is the optimum time for this work to occur as it is warmer, allowing bitumen to stick more effectively to the road surface and for crews to have more daylight hours and visibility for greater safety and getting the job done.

Tips for driving safely through worksites:

  • Repairs and resurfacing makes our roads safer for everyone, and we need everyone to slow down when driving through work sites to keep our road workers safe.
  • Slow down to the temporary speed limit posted. In some situations, the temporary speed may be 30 km/h. Temporary 30km/h speed limits are the law – the lower speed limits are in place to keep workers safe.
  • Be ready to stop on request if Stop/Go traffic management is in place, leave extra space between your car and the vehicle in front. 
  • Please slow down, stick to the speed limit, leave two car lengths space between you and the vehicle ahead and be patient.
  • Keeping your speed down where sealing work is underway, or has just been completed, not only helps chip to settle in the new road surface, it will also prevent stone chips flying into windscreens and protect our crews from injuries.
  • Road crews try to keep inconvenience and delays to a minimum, and we urge people to be patient.

Tips for driving safely on a fresh chip seal:

  • Get ready: Slow down to the temporary speed limit before you reach the new chip seal.
  • Leave space: Allow an extra car’s length distance to develop between your car and the vehicle in front.
  • 30k is okay: Drive steadily at the temporary speed limit
  • Avoid braking: Don’t ride the brakes and avoid getting so close to the next car that you have to brake suddenly. Tap the brakes lightly if you have to.
  • Be patient: Keep your speed down until after you have passed the end of works speed signs.

We apologise for any inconvenience that summer road works may cause and ask that you travel through the work areas at the temporary speed limits for your own safety and for the safety of our roading crews.