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Traffic alerts

When you subscribe to our traffic alert services, we collect your name and email address. Once subscribed, your details will be added to our mailing list that is used to distribute traffic alert emails. Your information will be securely stored and only used to send you traffic alerts and to seek feedback on the Journey Planner service. Your email address and personal details will not be shared with anyone else. 

You can see what information we hold about you on your My Journeys dashboard, and you can correct that information at any time. We request that you keep this information up to date. If you have any trouble accessing or correcting this information, please contact us at info@nzta.govt.nz

Traffic alert emails are sent using Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), hosted in Ireland. SES uses in-house anti-spam technologies to filter and scan messages that contain attachments to check for viruses and other malicious content. These processes are automated with no human involvement. SES does not access email content except in certain circumstances such as trouble shooting delivery issues, or investigating fraudulent or abusive activity. SES assists Waka Kotahi to monitor the effectiveness of these alert emails using analytical tools offered that collect the following anonymised information:

  • Deliveries - total number of emails sent.
  • Rejects - total number of emails that SES hasn’t sent because SES determined it contains a virus.
  • Bounces - total number of emails that could not be delivered to their addresses.
  • Complaints - total number of emails marked as spam by the recipient