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Scheduled Road Work: Christchurch Convention Centre - External drainage

Delays: Scheduled Road Work

Christchurch Convention Centre - External drainage

One way system for new UGS connection.
One way System required between Colombo St and Durham St.
This is essential works for the new Convention Centre construction to keep on schedule. The roof have been put on and has no storm water connection resulting in any rain causing flooding on site

TL2 Barrier system Plan is not approved for use.

Vehicle Lane(s) Closed, Turn Movement Closure, Cyclists Affected, Pedestrians Affected, Property Access Affected, Parking Removed, Detours In Place, Capacity Reduction
13 Jan 2019 7:00am
14 Feb 2019 6:00pm
Last updated
11 Jan 2019 3:23pm
Clyne & Bennie Ltd
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