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Road Work: SH73 between Springfield and Porters Ski Field - starting Monday 9 May 2022 for up to 10 weeks

Delays: Road Work

SH73 between Springfield and Porters Ski Field - starting Monday 9 May 2022 for up to 10 weeks

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6 May 2022 4:16pm

What:   Day works - replacing Porters Pass retaining wall

Where: SH73 halfway between Springfield and Porters Ski Field

When:   Monday, 9 May 2022 for up to 10 weeks

What we are doing

We are replacing the damaged and old retaining wall. This work has been delayed due to Omicron. We acknowledge that doing this work over winter is not ideal and we have taken some steps to minimise the inconvenience.

Traffic Impacts

Traffic management will consist of 24-hour traffic lights over a 1.2km section of highway. The site is on a hill and so the uphill traffic will get a longer green light.

The lights will have countdown timers so you can see if you have a long time to wait. The longest wait time should be under 10 minutes.

Please respect the red lights. From the stop line, you won’t be able to see the worksite, and if people run red light both sets will go to red for a period of time whilst the lights reset.

During the ski season, we will have manual traffic management to manage the peak flows. 

OD vehicles should contact us if they think they may be affected so we can make arrangements.  

Weather Updates

The work may be delayed due to weather and/or other unforeseen factors, if you would like an update please contact us using the information to the right. An Omicron update is overleaf.

General Information

If you wish to provide your email address we can update you with news about this work. 

Emergency services will have access at all times.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Q: Why is this work being done in winter, it should have been done in summer?

A: Due to COVID-19 there have been significant delays in getting steel and materials, and given the significance of retaining walls in this area we cannot risk leaving this work until next summer.

Q: But what about access to the ski fields?

A: Once the ski fields have opened we will have Manual Traffic Control instead of lights during peak flows to make sure we can minimise any delays travelling up and down the pass. 

Q: What about if there is snow impacting the road.

A: If road snowfall is forecast our crews will minimise the impact on the road while maintaining safety.

Q: What if I turn up in the middle of the night when there is no traffic?

A: It is important that you stick to the signals as there may be traffic that you can't see.

Q: Why is there such a long distance between the traffic signals?

A: This avoids truck drivers having to stop on an uphill section of the road.

Q: Why do I have to wait so long for a green light?

A: The traffic signals are timed to give uphill traffic more time to get through at the restricted speed limit. 

You can read the latest Media Release for these works here: 

It is impossible to cover everything here - if you require specific information, or you think there is something we should know, please contact us using the details below.

Queries to

For any queries in regards to these works please contact email:

Plan ahead for a safe, enjoyable journey. Keep up to date with:

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency apologies for any disruption this closure causes and any inconvenience to the transport industry. 

Delays and interruptions more likely with Omicron.

Thank you for your patience.

As well as working through winter, we have a much bigger challenge: Keeping to timeframes when work crews are affected by Omicron / COVID-19 transmission.

Please be ready for possible delays affecting planned work.

Where possible, our crews are working in split shifts to minimise COVID-19 transmission. But inevitably, some people will get Omicron and need time out to get better and/or care for their whānau.

Please get in touch so we can email you updates/date changes and other information.