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Scheduled Road Work: Flaxton Road Improvements - night works 7 pm - 5 am from Sunday 2 May to Friday 7 May

Night Closures: Scheduled Road Work

Flaxton Road Improvements - night works 7 pm - 5 am from Sunday 2 May to Friday 7 May

7 May 2021 6:00am
Last updated
28 Apr 2021 2:02pm
Flaxton Road between Kingsford Smith Drive and Ryans Place

Flaxton Road between Kingsford Smith Drive and Ryans Place

We are moving into the next stage of work on Flaxton Road with resurfacing planned for early May, so a road closure for night works will be put in place from Kingsford Smith Drive to Ryans Place.

The new kerbs and footpaths have continued to progress as part of the upgrades on Flaxton Road and shortly all of the kerbs between Kingsford Smith Drive and Ryans Place will be completed. With the kerbs in place, this section of road can be resurfaced with a fresh layer of asphalt.

Asphalt is best to be laid in warmer weather, so this first section will be completed before the winter months while the rest of the works at the north of Flaxton Road are carried out.

Other works in the area are continuing to progress well, with the roundabout nearing completion, a new retaining wall being installed along the drain at the north end, and preparations for new streetlights are underway.


The work will include

  • Resurfacing the road between the new kerbs from Kingsford Smith Drive to Ryans Place
  • Installation of a new retaining wall in the drain at the north end
  • Construction of a formal parking bay and footpath on the west side at the new retaining wall
  • Installation of new streetlights between Kingsford Smith Drive and Lineside Road
  • Continuing construction of new kerb and drainage along the drain on the west side.

Timing of work

The resurfacing work will be completed as night works from 7 pm to 5 am, from 7 pm on Sunday 2 May until 5 am on Friday 7 May, with the remaining upgrade works due for completion in late May.

Further information on the timing of the remaining road resurfacing works, and any effects on businesses and the passing traffic, will be provided prior to the next section being carried out north of Ryans Place.

How the work may affect you

During the day, the traffic management will continue as it has been, with the contractors working with businesses in the area to minimise the disruption and ensure access to properties remains open. When access is limited for specific periods the contractors will communicate with the affected businesses ahead of time.

From 7 pm until 5 am, a full road closure of both north and south-bound vehicles will be in place from Kingsford Smith Drive to Lineside Road. Access through the site to access businesses will still be possible for emergencies only. Please contact the contractor below if you expect any deliveries or other traffic to your business during the closure hours.

All other traffic will be detoured around the Southbrook industrial area.

Traffic impacts

The resurfacing work is planned to be carried out as night works to minimise impacts on the traffic and businesses.

With the changes in road layout and the usual traffic management still active during the day we still expect there to be delays in the area during the day, especially at peak times.

General impacts

The general disruption during the day will remain for a while longer and the night works will include heavy machinery which can be noisy at times.

Thank you for your patience while we complete this work.

For more information please contact

Aaron Kibblewhite
Project Engineer

Waimakariri District Council
Phone: 0800 965 468 (0800 WMK GOV)
Mobile: 027 648 6575

Matthew Donaldson
Contract Engineer

Sicon Ltd
Phone: 03 311 8080
Mobile: 027 235 0078