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News: SH1 Ōpaoa River Bridge

Update: News

SH1 Ōpaoa River Bridge

Last updated
12 Dec 2019 1:32pm

You may have noticed that work on the new Ōpaoa River Bridge has been coming along nicely since our last newsletter.

Much of the bridge build is nearly finished, with the piles, piers, abutments and headstocks all complete, most of the bridge beams in place and nearly all the bridge deck spans concreted. The next phase involves completing the bridge edge barriers and expansion joints and asphalting the bridge deck.

Work on both approaches to the bridge is also underway. Retaining walls are being built on the south approach. Earthworks, stormwater works and roading construction have started on the north approach.

Early in 2020, the bridge construction will be largely complete, with work on the road approaches becoming the focus. As soon as the bridge build is finished, northbound traffic will be diverted on to the new bridge, so work on the approaches can be completed. Southbound traffic will remain on the old bridge until the approach work is largely complete.

Please stick to the reduced speed limit when travelling through the site for you and the workers’ safety.

It will be quiet on site between 20 December and 6 January as work stops for the Christmas holiday period. However, as it is still a construction zone, traffic management will remain in place with a reduced speed limit for the safety of the public.

Please be advised the 50km/h zone on the north side of the bridge will be extended by 300 metres before changing to 100km/h.

The new bridge over the Ōpaoa River will improve safety and journey times for all users. These works are weather dependent.

If you require more information, please contact Paul Cunniffe on 027 433 1633.

For more information about the new bridge, and to view the lastest newsletter visit the Project page at

New Opaoa River Bridge