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Road Work: SH 87 Gordon Road starting 21 January 2019

Delays: Road Work

SH 87 Gordon Road starting 21 January 2019

Last updated
15 Jan 2019 12:09pm

Roadwork Commencing

We’re undertaking work on the main street of Mosgiel to repair its surface and large sections of the road foundation.  The work will take approximately 4-6 weeks to complete and we will start during the week of 21 January 2019. 

Area of the works

The work we undertake will be across the full width of the road, including parking spaces.  It will not affect the footpath, kerb or gutters.

The area of the repair work extends from the northern side of the intersection at Hagart Alexander Drive to just past Cargill Street. We’ve highlighted the area in the map to the right.

SH87 Gordon Rd

What you need to know

1.    Parking will be restricted

In the work area, on-street parking will be unavailable; use side streets instead. Please ensure your cars are not parked on the street when we commence work.

2.     Night work

Some work will be undertaken at night and it may be a little noisier than normal; you may also feel minor vibrations as we lift the existing surface.

3.     Businesses will be open

It’s important you still support them even if access is slightly more challenging.

4.     General travel on Gordon Road / State Highway 87

Traffic on Gordon Road will be down to one lane with stop/go priority to northbound travel.  If you travel southbound on Gordon Road or into Dunedin you are strongly encouraged to use Riccarton Road and State Highway 1 or Three Mile Hill to avoid congestion at both the Hagart Alexander Drive and Gladstone Road traffic lights. This will reduce delays to your travel.

5.     Traffic light sequencing

Traffic lights at Inglis St and Hagart Alexander Drive will be operating differently as we have to cut their trigger loops.  This means the phasing will be different and there may be more queuing than normal.  We’ll be keeping an eye on these particularly during peak times, but we recommend you take alternative routes to and from Mosgiel if you can.

6.     Heavy vehicles

Are required to detour around Mosgiel unless servicing the shops in the work area; no trailer units will be permitted to pass during the work. For access through or to the northern end of Mosgiel, please use Riccarton Road (up to 50MAX only) and SH86 Allanton for all other heavy vehicles.

7.     Gordon Road side streets

The streets highlighted in the map may be closed from time to time during the work.

8.     The road surface will be bumpy

You can expect a very bumpy road surface once we’ve lifted the top layer.  You’ll see, and feel, manhole covers and fire hydrants sticking up so keeping your speed to 30km/hr is essential.

9.     Bus services

Bus stops will be affected on Gordon Road and the Otago Regional Council will have a temporary bus route and stops in place on Church Street. Look for information on the Otago Regional Council website soon.

10.    Emergency services

Access will be enabled at all times

11.    Resident / business driveway access

Driveway access to residents and businesses will be restricted for a period during the work.  It could be affected for anywhere from 2 hours to about 3 days.  At the Inglis St intersection, this closure could be for longer as extensive work is occurring at this location.  You’ll need to plan ahead and ensure all vehicles you wish to use are out of your drive before our work commences. 

12.    Pedestrians will have limited passage across State Highway 87 / Gordon Road

Footpaths will be unaffected by the work, but pedestrians will not be able to cross the road through the active parts of the work site; please follow our signage.  This is to keep you safe from our machinery.  If you use a mobility device or scooter, please note that there will be larger than the normal drop at the kerb once the surface is lifted.  Please take immense care at all times.  

What we ask of you

During our works, we ask that you:

  • understand that this work must be done and that we are minimising the impact on you as best we can
  • support businesses near the works by still visiting them

  • plan your journeys to avoid the active work sites as much as possible

  • keep an eye out for emergency vehicles needing to get through traffic queues

  • be patient with us and each other especially if you are in traffic queues

  • keep your speeds down where they are reduced as it keeps everyone safer

  • refrain from entering the active worksite when we are not on site as you could get injured

  • avoid interfering with our road cones and signage

Contact us

If you have any questions about these works, please get in touch with us:


Phone 0800 4 HIGHWAYS (0800 44 44 49) 

Email Updates Sign up for the roadworks updates at

We thank you for your patience during these essential roadworks.

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