Play it safe, plan ahead. At Alert Level 2, more people are using their cars, public transport, and cycling on the roads. Please allow plenty of time and avoid travelling at peak. Find out more at link)

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SH1 Millwater
SH20 May Rd Overbridge
SH16 Carrington Rd Overbridge
SH16/20 Interchange South
SH1 Redvale
SH1 Greville Rd
SH1 Tristram Ave
SH1 Northcote Rd
SH1 Esmonde Rd
SH1 Onewa Rd
SH1 Johnstones Hill Tunnels
SH1 Dairy Flat
SH1 Bombay
SH1 Nikau Rd
SH1/SH2 Interchange
SH1 Ramarama
SH1/SH20 Interchange South
SH1/SH20 Interchange North
SH1/SH16 Central Mwy Junction
SH1 Market Rd
SH1 Greenlane Interchange
SH1 South Eastern Hwy
SH1 Redoubt Rd
SH1 Bairds Rd Overbridge
SH1 Alfriston Rd Overbridge
SH1 Takanini
SH1 Walter Strevens Dr Overbridge
SH1 Pahurehure Inlet
SH1 Papakura
SH1 Park Estate Rd Overbridge
SH1 Slippery Creek
SH16 Rosebank Rd
SH16/20 Interchange North
SH16 Patiki Rd
SH16 Causeway
SH16 Whau River
SH16 Bond St Overbridge
SH16/20 Interchange East
SH16 Te Atatu Rd
SH16 Lincoln Rd South
SH16 Lincoln Rd North
SH16/SH18 Interchange South
SH16/SH18 Interchange North
SH18 Tauhinu Rd Overbridge
SH18 Albany Hwy
SH18 Greenhithe West
SH18 Paul Matthews Rd
SH18 Greenhithe Rd
SH18 Schnapper Rock
SH18 Upper Harbour Bridge
SH18 Cuthill
SH18 Squadron Dr
SH18 Trig Rd
SH18 Waiahora Creek
SH18 Brigham Creek Interchange
SH18 Hobsonville
SH20 Owairaka
SH20 Te Whitinga Footbridge
SH20 Waterview
SH20 Queenstown Rd
SH20 Hillsborough Rd
SH20 Hayr Rd Overbridge
SH20 Dominion Rd
SH20 Maioro St
SH20 Gloucester Park Rd
SH20 Onehunga Wharf
SH20 Rimu Rd
SH20 Hastie Ave Footbridge
SH20 Coronation Rd
SH20 Puhinui Rd
SH20 Cavendish Dr
SH20 Plunket Ave Overbridge
SH20 Lambie Dr
SH20 Barrowcliffe Pl Overbridge
SH20 Gt South Rd
SH20 Portage Rd South
SH20 Portage Rd North
SH20 Massey Rd
SH20/20A Interchange
SH20 Bader Dr Overbridge
SH20A George Bolt Mem Dr South
SH20A George Bolt Mem Dr North
SH20A Bader Dr Overbridge
SH20B Puhinui Rd East
SH20B Puhinui Rd West